Interesting observation:

We attended Berklee College Of Music 10 years apart:

Mike - '89

Tom - '99

Boyan - '09

Cool, but why stick figures?

As an Original Artist we have chosen a tough path by playing music with no vocals and stylistically too diverse, so we need attention focused on the music, not the visuals.

The artwork on our first album was done by hand with just a sharpie, and in true DIY spirit Mike Levesque contributed the stick figures the same way. The stick figures are here to stay.

Come to a gig: stick figures can play.


B11 founder Boyan Hristov is a highly accomplished guitarist. He has worked in Boston, NYC, Copenhagen (Denmark), and on cruise ships.

Outside of B11 Boyan works with many local function bands. He runs this website and everything B11.

Drummer  Mike Levesque is the most recorded drummer in New England. 
Mike has played with:

David Bowie, Seven Mary Three, Ricky Valentine, Dave Navarro, Muzzle, Natalie Imbruglia, Treble Charger, Jennifer Trynin, Alisha's Attic, Susan Tedeschi, Jed Parish, Talking To Animals, Michael McDermott, Reeves Gabrels, GodBoxer, Sasquatch & The Sickabillys, Candy Butchers, Scarce, Juliana Hatfield, Drawn Butter, David Tronzo, Peter Parcek, Suze DeMarchi, John Cate, Brook Meggs, Tony Savarino, Munk Duane and many others.

Berklee professor Tom Appleman is third generation musician. His grandfather gigged with Count Basie, his father, Rich Appleman was Berklee bass department chair for 40 years, Tom is one of the most in-demand bassists in Boston.
has performed with Kid Rock, JoJo, Robbie Krieger, Missing Persons, Animotion, Gordon Gano, The Drifters, Marco Benevento, Lettuce, Kingsize, Draw the Line, and many more. Tom has worked for Disneyland, Carnival Cruise Lines and The Big Apple Circus. 

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