Released 1/8/2015


    Our second release was recorded live to 2 track in April 2013.

This method of recording is explained here

  "Drops" is a cinematic tune that drips, trips, grooves, pops, snaps, and has a dark, yet upbeat feel.

  "Slo Mo" is an easy going funk groove with a bassline inspired by the fantastic bass player Danny Morris, aka Danny Mo.

  "B11 Strut" is a late 60s inspired funk tune with a twist of country picking telecaster.

  "The Drama Queen"is a melodramatic adventure in 12/8 that will raise your hair.

Available on: few streaming platforms.

"Live to 2 Track" will be added to our CD "Stick Figures" which will contain over 20 tracks of various B sides, alternate versions, acoustic versions, baritone versions, live in studio performances and more. Expect "Stick Figures" in the fall of 2017 


Boyan Hristov - all music, arrangements, guitar

Mike Levesque - drums

Tom Appleman - bass

John Escobar (and his students) - engineering, mixing.

Scott Craggs - Mastering

B11 - Live To 2 Track